Castle Brooke Tools (UK) Ltd
  Taps   Dies  
  Size: 1mm to 60mm
  Choice of material: HSS, carbon steel
  Type of thread: Metric fine, metric coarse, UNC, UNF, BSW, BSF, BSP and BSPT
  Thread direction: Left hand and right hand
  Type of Dies: Circular and hexagonal
  ISO 9002 accredited
  Made in UK
Slitting saws
  Size: 15 mm to 250 mm diameter
  No. of teeth: 20 to 250
  Choice of standard keyway
  Choice of Metric or Imperial units
  Made in UK
Taylor & Jones Limited
  Hand reamers, machine reamers and chucking reamers
  Adjustable reamers and taper reamers
  Hole alignment reamers
  Tailor-made reamers
  Aircraft application, e.g. A380
  ISO 9001 accredited
  Made in UK
Sandvik South East Asia Pte, Ltd
Drills and End mills
End mills
  Jobber drills and end mills cutters
  Carbide drills, extra length drills and slot drills
  Size: diameter: 0.5 mm to 22 mm
  Left hand drills
  Titanium carbide coating, zirconium nitride coating
  Set drills provided.
  ISO 9001& ISO 14001 accredited
  Made in EU
Procut Engineering Processes Limited
  Type of cut: coarse cut, standard cut, chip break cut, double cut and non-ferrous cut
  Size of bur: 3 mm to 25 mm (1/8”- 1”)
  Shape of bur: Cylinder, bull nose, ball, oval, round tree, pointed tree, counter sink, cone and extended cylinder
  Field of application: Aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, metal fabrication and welding sectors
  ISO 9001 accredited, UKAS accredited and BSI registered
  Made in UK
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