Nylon head
Copper head
Rawhide mallet
Thor Hammer Company Limited
  Option head: Copper, lead, brass, nylon, rubber, rawhide etc
  Optional features:
1. Ash wood handle, nylon handle
2. Spare face of rawhide, nylon or plastic
3. Dead blow hammer
  Field of application: Sheet metal fabrication, mold/die making, machining maintenance, mining and railway
  ISO 9001 accredited
  Made in UK
  Choice of mallet head profile
  Typical cylindrical head and pear head
  Made in UK
Magnetic table
Woodside Die Sinking Company Limited
  Broaching, indexing and positioning equipment
  Work piece holder devices and accessories
  Jig and fixture parts
  Caster, wheels and ball transfer units
  Hand presses
  Machine vices
  Toggle clamps
  Levelling feet
  Magnetic tools
  Made in UK
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