1. general purpose bronze, LG2 Bronze;
  2. high loading and good corrosion resistance, PB1 Bronze;
  3. superior corrosion resistance to marine condition, AB2 Bronze;
  4. high strength aluminum bronze, 954 Bronze;
  5. high strength manganese bronze, 863 Bronze
  • Solid bar size range: from 1/2” to 8” for LG2 bronze; and 3/4” to 6” for other bronze materials
  • Hollow bar size range: from 1” OD & 1/2” ID to 20” OD & 18” ID for LG2 bronze; and 2” OD & 1” ID to 6” OD & 3” ID for other bronze
  • Length of bronze bars: cast in 10-12ft lengths, normally cut to 1m ~ 1.2m due to weights consideration; it can be much longer upon request.
  • A W Fraser also specializes in machined brass & bronze components like bronze bushes, these components are widely used in mining and construction, heavy diesel, marine and hydraulic machines. Multi-axis CNC machines in A W Fraser factory are for precision turning.
  • A W Fraser can supply many kinds of brass alloys in solid or hollow bar forms. The brass alloys can follow JIS/ASTM/En alloys specification.
  • Material specification: BS 1400 complied
  • Fraser factory ISO9001 accreidted
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