BIP(Oldbury) Limited
The thermoset materials give a unique combination of molded properties which are unmatched by any other plastic materials in the same price range making them ideal for a wide range of applications, particularly in the domestic field.
Of especial importance is their ability of not softened or melted on heating as thermoplastics do, this being a result of irreversible cross linking of polymer that takes place during the molding process (compression or injection) under conditions of heat and pressure.
  With a superior surface performance, low distortion and excellent stability
  An economically priced raw material
  Field of applications: Sanitary toilet seat/cover, electrical socket/appliance & bottle caps
  Type of fabrication: Injection molding and compressing molding
  Features: Specialty colors, anti-microbial grade and environmentally friendly
  All materials are produced to the various international standards (BS/ISO 1332, DIN7708 etc).
  ISO 9002 accredited factory: All aspects of production are subject to strict control to ensure compliance with the laid-down quality standard.
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