Paling products are accurately designed and formulated to consistently and continuously exceed the performance aspects of standards.
  Wall thickness of pipes and fittings and materials are formulated to achieve strength that exceeds the performance of standards.
  High quality of finish with smooth internal and external surface
  Provides low coefficient of flow friction
  Excellent resistance to chemicals found in domestic affluent
  Remain stable under elevated temperature
  Comprehensive range of fittings offers multiple solutions
  Formulated to withstand weathering effect
  Quality Accreditation:
- Manufacturing standard
- uPVC Pressure Pipes – comply with BS 3505 Class E
- uPVC SWV Pipes – comply with BS 5255 & BS 4514
- uPVC Pressure Fittings – comply with BS 4346
- uPVC SWV Fittings – comply with BS 5255 & BS 4514
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