Crane Copper Tubes
  Standard comply with BSEN 1057
  For water and gas in sanitary and heating applications
  Uses special manufacturing processes to provide enhanced internal bore characteristics that offer improved corrosion resistance and levels of carbon residue well below the values set by the standard
  Has great versatility for multiple uses including hot and cold water, above and below ground services, gas reticulation, sanitary and drainage, heating and general plumbing applications.
  Standard comply with BSEN 1057
  Manufactured with non-castellated plastic lagging
  Particularly useful in aggressive environments
  Below ground applications as it provides increased thermal insulation, reduces noise transmission and better condensation control.
  Specially for cold water supply.
  Standard comply with BSEN 1057
  Has a castellated plastic sleeve which forms air packets around the tube
  Creating an effective thermal barrier (since air is a poor conductor of heat) improving thermal insulation properties
  Specially for hot water supply.
  Standard comply with AS/NZS 1571
  The standard air-conditioning and refrigeration grade copper tube is distinguished by yellow colored capping.
  Standard comply with AS/NZS 1571
  Has extended its range of refrigeration tube with the introduction of R410A rated copper tube
  Especially designed to comply with AS4041 Pressure Piping Code
  Capable of withstanding working pressures of 4131KPa when the refrigerant is operating at a temperature of 65 degree Celsius, this is the recommended operating temperature as per AS/NZS 1677 refrigerating systems.
  The R410A rated copper tube is distinguished by rose colored capping.
  Standard comply with BSEN 1057
  Offers range of copper tube for use in medical gas applications
  Have specific internal cleanliness requirements that require the tube to go through a degreasing, cleaning, checking, additional cleaning and checking if required before being capped.
  Available for AS1571 and ASTM B280 copper tube with the same size configuration and temper as the standard refrigeration grade tube.
  Can also be manufactured in accordance with EN13348
  Seamless, round copper tubes for medical gases or vacuum. This standard specifically relates to copper tube used for medical gas applications. The medical gas copper tube is distinguished by green colored capping.
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