Review customers’ inquiry before starting a new project
  Source and screen potential suppliers with ISO 9001 Certificate
  Prepare cost-effective quotations to client
  Submit sample for customer approval
  Manufacturing upon sample approval
  Follow delivery schedule and control quality of first batch of goods
  Review initial information from clients to ensure all the requirements are clearly stated and the necessary drawings/specifications are provided
  Provide engineering coordination and interpretation between customers and suppliers
  Provide professional knowledge in the areas of plumbing, non-ferrous metals, E&M parts, engineering tools and plastic raw materials
  Wide database of existing suppliers
  Research and analyze potential suppliers
  Send Supplier Questionnaire to get information of company background-core competency, equipment, and quality system and international certification
  Conduct on-site visit and factory audit for new potential suppliers
  Three or more manufacturers are selected for the review and analysis of their quotes
  Conduct inspection throughout initial stage for samples to final goods delivery
  Have different level inspection services, from packing/goods inspection to quality system audit
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